Business Manager’s Message

Welcome to the COBT.

We represent 25 trade union affiliates with over tens of thousands skilled men and women working in the construction industry. We act as the voice for construction workers with the government, owners, employers and the public. The COBT is committed to working with our affiliates and employers to assist in establishing Joint Health & Safety Committees, Worker Trade Committees and Jobsite Inspections.

We support the efforts of our affiliated local unions to improve Health and Safety, jobsite conditions and ensure that all workers in the construction industry receive fair wages and benefits. We wholeheartedly believe a safe jobsite is a productive jobsite and all accidents are preventable.

The COBT strives to work closely with all industry stakeholders to facilitate clear communication and open dialogue. We strongly believe in the Tripartite approach which brings owners, management and labour together as, collectively, we are all focused on delivering our projects safely, on time and on budget. The COBT is open for business to ensure Ontario’s construction industry remains competitive, productive and forward-thinking.

We are also the proud creators of the Hammer Heads Program. Our 12-week comprehensive skills development program is designed to train and place youth, both men and women, from under-resourced and Aboriginal communities in the GTA into registered apprenticeship careers within the skilled construction trades.

The Hammer Heads Program is committed to providing youth with the opportunity to enhance and develop the skills needed to promote positive personal growth, resulting in fulfilling registered apprenticeships. We are very proud of the success we have achieved and that success would not be possible without the support of our COBT affiliates.


James St. John
Business Manager/Financial Secretary
Director, Hammer Heads